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The importance of using fresh ingredients | Tuscan Pizza

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October 31, 2017

The other week, we wrote about the differences between frozen processed foods and fresh ingredients. In it, we discussed how Tuscan Pizza uses quality products because we love eating fresh food just as much as our customers. It’s the reason we are consistently called the best pizzeria in South Jersey and continue to serve families across Turnersville, Sicklerville, and Williamstown.

Today, we are going to continue our discussion of processed foods and really drive home the use of fresh ingredients to make the best dishes possible.

Voting With Your Wallet:

As we continue to learn more and more about processed foods and making healthy choices at the grocery store, consumers are choosing to vote with their wallets. No longer do people blindly grab for the “diet” bars on the shelf because they think they’re healthy. No, consumers are now realizing that just because something is labeled healthy doesn’t mean it actually is. Tons of “diet” ready meals are loaded with artificial sugars and filler ingredients.

While our obsession with fad diets comes and go, general consumer education is greater than ever thanks to books, articles, television shows, and other forms of media. The unhealthy food industry is now in the light and customers are pushing back. Documentaries like Supersize Me reached massive audiences and really set in motion the idea behind “health foods” and healthy living.

The more consumers purchase healthy food options, including fresh ingredients, the more restaurants and markets are going to offer. They won’t continue selling unhealthy food if customers refuse to eat it. This is why voting with your wallet matters so much and why places like Tuscan Pizza are on the rise. Customers can taste the difference are making their opinions felt where it matters: bank accounts.

Social Media and Fresh Foods:

When you think of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you probably don’t think of food first. Maybe you do, and in which case, that is totally awesome. But the rise of fresh foods is directly linked to the continued rise of social media. Think about it. When you have a great experience somewhere, you want to share it with the world. When you are seeing great results thanks to eating healthier, again, you want to share it with the world.

As people started making healthier choices, they began feeling better about themselves and started posting it on social media. It was a massive boom as people lived healthier lives, were less sick and struggled less with weight management. Word of mouth spread like never before because these interactions were just a few clicks away. But it’s not only social media, the rise of food blogs also shifted the industry towards using fresh ingredients.

The more educated guests are about fresh ingredients, the more they are interested in knowing who prepared it, where it came from, and who is handing it off to them. We welcome this level of interaction. As a family-owned and operated pizzeria, we are very transparent about who is making your food, who you are interacting with at the counter, and who is delivering our products to your door. When you know the people who are behind your favorite food, you begin to trust that place more and more. That trust keeps us going.

Tuscan Pizza owes a lot to our customers. You guys continue to share so many wonderful reviews on the internet and our business grows because of it. As soon as people hear about how amazing our food is from their friends, customers pour in from all over South Jersey. Once you taste our food, you’ll want more and more of it. Thanks to customers like you, we sell thousands of pizzas every year and the business is thriving.

We think fresh ingredients and our amazingly helpful staff really set us apart from other pizzerias.

Let us know how much you love our food by leaving reviews wherever you can. Every review on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and GrubHub really helps our business.

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