Memoirs of A Pizza Delivery Driver

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March 22, 2023

Pizza delivery in the suburbs of South Jersey can be a wild ride. With obstacles like traffic, potholes, and hungry customers, delivering piping hot pizzas to the doorstep is an adventure. As a pizza delivery driver, I’ve encountered all sorts of situations and characters, from friendly dogs to grumpy old men. In this blog post, I will share some of my most memorable experiences on the job.

Let’s start with traffic. South Jersey may not have the same gridlock as New York City or Los Angeles, but rush hour can be a nightmare, especially on major highways like the Atlantic City Expressway and the Garden State Parkway. I remember I had to deliver a pizza to a customer who lived just a few miles away, but it took me almost an hour to get there because of the traffic. When I finally arrived, the customer was understandably annoyed, but he was also grateful that I tried to deliver his pizza despite the delay.

Then there are the potholes. South Jersey winters can be brutal, and the freeze-thaw cycles can wreak havoc on the roads. As a result, many of the streets in the suburbs are riddled with potholes that can swallow a pizza delivery car whole. I’ve had a few close calls myself, but luckily I’ve never lost a pizza in a pothole. Knock on wood.

Now, let’s talk about the customers. For the most part, the people I’ve delivered pizzas to in the suburbs of South Jersey have been friendly and appreciative. But there have been a few exceptions. I remember one customer who opened the door wearing only underwear and a scowl. He snatched the pizza out of my hand without a word and slammed the door shut. I still wonder what his problem was.

On the other hand, I’ve had some genuinely delightful encounters with customers and their pets. I once delivered a pizza to a family who had a golden retriever that was so excited to see me he practically knocked me over with his tail. Another time, I delivered a pizza to an older woman who invited me in for a cup of tea and a slice of pie. I politely declined, but I appreciated the offer.

All in all, delivering pizza in the suburbs of South Jersey is never dull. From traffic to potholes to eccentric customers, there’s always something to keep me on my toes. But at the end of the day, seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I deliver their hot and delicious pizza makes it all worth it.

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