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We're an awesome group of pizza loving fanatics. When it comes to making and eating pizza, there is none greater than the Tuscan Pizza team. Come say hi the next time you're in the area. Live, love, pizza!

September 8, 2017

Legendary rock star and actor Henry Rollins once said “pizza makes me think anything is possible” and I can’t help but agree. Have you ever had pizza that was so phenomenal that you admitted out loud “I love pizza?” I have no shame in it. I love pizza. I love pizza so much that I’ve tried every single type of pie we offer here at Tuscan Pizza and I can’t get enough of it.

So today, in honor of pizza, we are writing something a little different. Today we are writing a love letter to pizza – one of our greatest friends.

A Pizza Love Letter:

Dear Pizza,

You’ve been a shinning beacon in my life for as long as I’ve been capable of eating whole food. Outside of family (and I’d take you over some of them), you are one of my first loves in life. Once I was introduced to you, we’ve been inseparable. You’ve been there for me during countless birthdays and parties. When I need you, you never let me down (except that one time I left you sitting out for a couple of days). Every time I catch a whiff of your lovely scent, I come running. Every time I’m hungry, you always come to my rescue. I love pizza.

Some people may make fun of me for loving pizza as much as I do, but it is true “pizza makes me think anything is possible.” You are the food equivalent of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. You are perfection with each passing bite. If other’s don’t love pizza as much as me, it must mean they haven’t tried Tuscan Pizza before.

Tuscan Pizza | I Love Pizza

The history of pizza is remarkable. You went from flatbread topped with olive oil to what we’ve come to know and love today. Creating pizza is more of a work of art than ever before. People like Miguel Carranza study their whole lives in pursuit of crafting the perfect pie.

Pizza, you have the unique ability to be crafted with near-infinite possibilities. I haven’t had a single bad topping choice my whole life. You’ve taken my tastebuds to heights I’ve never known before. From five cheese pizza with pepperoni and sausage to having the works with everything on it. You, my friend, are delightful.

What other food do you build, eat, and love? Where else can you find this type of affection? Outside of pizza, I haven’t.

Pizza, you offer me more variety than any other food I can possibly think of. When I felt like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings and I didn’t want to share, I purchased a small personal pan pizza. When it was just me and a friend, you blessed us with a medium pie. When it’s football season and we order a large, you meet every expectation. And let’s not forget about Sicilian pies. With this type of customization, it’s really no surprise that I love pizza. Even leftovers are absolutely phenomenal. Pizza, you are great when eaten cold or hot and that’s more than I can say for any other food.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the crust. No other dish makes me excited about the bread it comes on. Not cheeseburgers or cheesesteaks. Not even peanut butter and jelly. Pizza, you have the best of everything. When I grow tired of eating one type of pie, I move on to the next and I instantly fall in love all over again. My love for you will never cease.

Until we meet again (which will probably be in an hour or so).

With love,

The Tuscan Pizza Team.

If you love pizza as much as we love pizza, please let us know in the comments or share our love letter on social media. It would mean a lot to us and it spreads the love for the best dish on Earth.

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