Calzone vs Panzerotti: What’s the Difference?


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January 17, 2018

The other week we discussed the differences between the Calzone and the Stromboli. Today, we’re taking a look at Calzone vs Panzerotti. These two are very similar, but there are some differences you should be aware of.

No matter your preference, you’re going to get an amazing Italian delicacy. They may look alike, but there are several key elements that make them different. So let’s take a look at the panzerotti first and then the calzone.


The panzerotti is often mistaken for the much larger calzone. They look alike and they’re both from Italy. The panzerotti; however, is thought to have started in a small area of Apulia – a southern area next to the Adriatic Sea.

Interesting fact: panzerotti’s are so popular in North America that more people consume them in the US and Canada than they do in Italy. They’re also the basis for the frozen food – “Pizza Pockets.”

While calzones are more commonly the size of a medium pizza, panzerotti’s remain small and sandwich-sized. They tend to be about 9″ inches in diameter and semi-circled.

Panzerotti’s are essentially salted, deep-fried, pockets of dough filled with melted mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and your pick of “toppings.” During the frying process, they create a pocket of steam that needs to be released prior to eating.

Panzerotti’s are so easy to eat while on-the-go that Canadian fast-food restaurants started selling them and Chicago food vendors sell “pizza puffs” – an on-the-go meal.



Calzones, in comparison to panzerottis, have a more detailed history. They started out similar to the panzerotti’s and we were sold as a street vendor meal. Somewhere along the way, calzones became much larger and required you to sit down with a fork and knife to enjoy them.

Interesting fact: in Italy, pizza is traditionally consumed by cutting it into small pieces with a fork and knife. This is a far cry from how American’s eat their pizza. Calzone’s, on the other hand, are still a finger food in many Italian regions.

Calzones and panzerottis usually contain the same ingredients, but calzones have tomato sauce on the side instead of inside of it. Some locations also make it with ricotta cheese in addition to the traditional mozzarella.

Calzone vs Panzerotti Face Off

Calzone Panzerotti
Origin: Naples, Italy Apulia, Italy
Tomato Sauce: On the side Inside
How it’s made: Baked or fried Deep Fried
Shape: Crescent moon Semicircular
Size: Medium pizza Sandwich


We hope that the calzone vs panzerotti face-off helps you make your hunger decision. Try each one and then let us know which you prefer.

РThe Tuscan Pizza Team 

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