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We're an awesome group of pizza loving fanatics. When it comes to making and eating pizza, there is none greater than the Tuscan Pizza team. Come say hi the next time you're in the area. Live, love, pizza!

September 7, 2017

Have you ever gone to Google or Bing (does anyone use Bing?) and typed in “best pizza near me?” We certainly did before opening Tuscan Pizza in 2014. Now when we look up “the best pizza near me” our own business appears. In just a few short years Tuscan Pizza grew from a small team to what you see now. With the arrival of this very website, we’re not only aiming to have the best pizzeria in South Jersey but also the best pizzeria website in South Jersey. And you know what? We couldn’t have done it without you – our amazing customers.

To date, we’ve sold over 50,000 pizzas to our loyal pizza lovers. That is a lot of pizza in just under four years. We’ve graced your kitchen for nearly every celebration and occasion you can possibly think of: from Super Bowl Sunday to family gatherings, from makeups to breakups (comfort food maybe), and every possible birthday party. So we’d like to thank you for allowing us into your kitchen. We couldn’t have done it without you.

From Our Kitchen To Yours:

Thanks to you, we’ve accumulated over 40 five star ratings on our Facebook page (including over 380 likes), 11 five star reviews on Yelp, nearly 30 five star reviews on Google, and, we still can’t believe it, over 500 positive reviews on GrubHub! No other pizzeria in the area can claim such an amazing resume. But then again, no other pizzeria can claim such an awesome customer base quite like Tuscan Pizza. Don’t just take our word for it, look at what some of our customers are saying about Tuscan Pizza:

Very quick delivery, food was hot and great!! Good pizza and wings! Kids loved the chicken fingers! – Ivy

I always order from Tuscan and have never had bad food or bad service. I tell everyone I know to order from there. Fantastic place. – Kyle

Love this place. Always good, always on time. – Nicole

Best pizza in the area hands down! I’ve never received anything from here that wasn’t delicious. The delivery service is always prompt and friendly. – Kameelah

Omg so good. You gotta try the Sicilian pizza with pepperoni and chicken cutlet on it. Holy moly the whole house just devoured it. That pizza didn’t stand a chance. – Amanda

With reviews and customers like that it’s no wonder why Tuscan Pizza continues to win over new pizza fans every day. You can add your voice too by leaving reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and GrubHub. Every review helps Tuscan Pizza grow and allows us to better understand our customers needs and concerns.

The Best Pizza in South Jersey:

If you are in the market for some really good pizza, we’d like to suggest our customer’s favorites. These are pies that either sell like crazy or have been mentioned in several reviews:

  • Plain Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Sausage Pizza
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  • Sicilian Pizza

Whatever you crave, we can create it. 50,000 pizzas sold pretty much means that we are masters at our craft. Our leader Miguel Carranza has over 20 years in the business, is the originator of the Mexican Pie (you can see it on our homepage), and mastered every specialty pie on our menu. You can taste excellence with each bite.

Finally, if you’d like to try our pizza for yourself, be sure to stop by our physical location or order online at GrubHub. Once you try our pizza, you’ll agree that we are by far the best pizza near me. Check out our blog while you’re at it. We are currently writing the history of our menu with our first post on the history of pizza.

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